Professional Tax Investigation Support


There are many phrases that you may have heard in relation to a tax investigation. The terms ‘enquiry’ and ‘checking the return’ are just two, but whatever term is used, any tax investigation can feel obtrusive. The process can sometimes feel like a demanding challenge to your tax returns and accounts.

What Happens In A HMRC Fraud Investigation?

There is no legal obligation to meet with an inspector, apart from in criminal and Code of Practice 9 (COP9) investigations. As tax investigation specialists, we recommend that no-one meets with HMRC during this time. In the majority of tax investigation situations, HMRC will request either a formal or informal meeting with you.

HMRC will not tell you that there is no legal obligation to attend a meeting. They will try to persuade you into a meeting with them to discuss your tax affairs.

This meeting can sometimes do you more harm than good. With our tax investigation service, we handle the meetings and correspondence for you. In cases of a personal tax investigation, our team will liaise with the HMRC on your behalf.

At MS Taxes, we will not allow HMRC’s inspectors to interview any of our clients. Under no circumstances would any client meet with an HMRC inspector without a Senior Partner of MS Taxes being present to look after our clients’ interests.  Our tax investigation advisors act as the buffer between you and the HMRC, ensuring that you are fully advised and supported throughout the investigation.

How Do We Help In An HMRC Tax Investigation?

Our team are experts in professional tax investigation services. We will negotiate on your behalf so that you no longer have any direct contact with HMRC. We will take care of everything for you using our team of skilled tax investigation advisors.

This will enable you to carry on living your life without the added stress of waiting for the next dreaded letter from “the Tax Man” to come through your door.

Throughout this tax return investigation, the inspector is likely to ask for additional records and information. We will receive and deal with these requests on your behalf.  If HMRC can legally ask for them, then we will then request these from your prospect. We take on the whole process for you, so you have peace of mind that your best interests are being protected during the investigation.

If you are wondering what to do if you have notification of a tax return enquiry, contact us today. Our team will handle the tax investigation process for you. Call MS Taxes on 0333 5776909 or email