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Dealing with VAT enquiries in your business can be difficult and when trying to juggle this as well as trying to run a successful business, things unfortunately can go wrong.

HMRC usually launches a VAT investigation if it believes there is a risk that you or your business have understated its true tax liabilities. HMRC will expect you to be able to answer detailed enquiries about your tax affairs and it can take months or years to conclude the investigation.

HMRC has the power to enquire into specific entries into business accounts or personal returns without launching into a full tax investigation. These enquiries however, can have significant potential tax consequences and, like full investigations, can lead to additional tax liabilities, interest and penalties.

During an HMRC investigation into your business, it now has the entitlement to go back 20 years to recover any lost VAT to criminal or civil VAT fraud. HMRC has powers to arrest, without a warrant, anyone suspected of criminal VAT fraud or using false documents (Value Added Tax Act 1994 S.72 (g)).

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HMRC has assured, however, that in these cases a specialist investigator would be instructed and this would only be in the most serious of VAT investigation cases.

Whether you, personally, are dealing with the HMRC or you instruct an advisor, it is essential you understand the powers and limits, HMRC has and how to best deal and respond to their enquiries to ensure the best result for you.

There are many phrases for a tax investigation, the terms ‘enquiry’ and ‘checking the return’ are just two, but whatever term is used any tax investigation is an obtrusive and demanding challenge to your tax returns and accounts. It is a stressful and potentially costly exercise and one that can have a major impact on you, your family and your business. It is a truly daunting prospect.

Here at MS Taxes, we specialise in tax investigation, and we have a dedicated team who can give you expert help and advice in dealing with HMRC’s requests and enquiries in order that you reach a reasonable end result.

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