COP8 & Tax Investigations Experts


If you receive a notice of a Code of Practice 8 (Cop 8) investigation, you will undoubtedly be concerned about this and its possible implications. MS Taxes is here to help and assist you with your Cop 8 HMRC investigation. We provide the professional advice you need and reduce the amount of time and hassle an investigation can cause.

A Cop 8 is a specialist investigation carried out by HM Revenue and Customs and the Fraud Investigation Service (FIS). A Cop 8 can investigate individuals, limited liability partnerships, trusts, companies, and partnerships.

HMRC can instigate an investigation for any service that falls under their umbrella. The investigation starts when HMRC suspects that you have deliberately tried to pay significantly less than the correct amount of tax, duties, levies, and contributions. The process assesses any possible avoidance and fraud to determine the facts and recover any unpaid tax liability, along with penalties and interest.

You should be aware that investigations are not conducted with a view of starting a criminal prosecution. However, if the investigation uncovers evidence or a suspicion of fraud, then the investigation may become a Cop 9 investigation, and have a view of instigating a criminal prosecution.

What should I do if I receive a COP 8 Investigation Notice?

When you are notified of a Cop 8 enquiry, your first step is to decide whether or not you wish to cooperate with the Cop 8 investigations. We do not recommend that you make this decision without taking professional advice.

Professional COP 8 Advice & Representation

MS Taxes partners up with specialist solicitors to conduct our service and provide you with the best advice possible. We can be your professional advisor and represent you in all meetings. Furthermore, we can correspond with the Fraud Investigation Service and HM Revenue and Customs on your behalf, saving you a great deal of time and hassle.

MS Taxes and our solicitor partners will provide you with the notes of each meeting. We will explain and ensure your legal rights are upheld and help you understand your obligations under the law.

It is vital to use a reputable and professional advisor because the Cop 8 investigators may insist on dealing directly with you if your advisors do not meet the required standards. Contact MS Taxes today to ensure these standards are met and to bring the Cop 8 investigation to a resolution as quickly as possible.