HMRC Penalty Appeal, Hearings & Tribunals

Tax penalty appeals and hearingsIf you have been subject to a tax investigation, the outcome may not have been what you expected. It is not always possible to reach an acceptable decision to both parties after such an investigation.

You may not be happy with the decision and may want to enquire about an HMRC Penalty Appeal. If you think the decision is wrong or something was missed during the tax inspection, you can appeal the decision. Known as the Tax Tribunal, it allows you to refer the areas of disagreement for a hearing and decision by an independent body.

The Tax Tribunal is a public hearing that allows both parties to present their respective cases. During this time, the information gathered from the inspection can be presented to show why the decision was made. You will also be able to provide everything you think is relevant and shows why you disagree with a tax penalty.

The Tax Tribunal body does not charge a fee to consider cases. The proceedings are more of an informal affair with friendly and helpful judges. The judiciary will look at all circumstances and come to objective conclusions based on all of the information and on the balance of probabilities.


Expert HMRC Penalty Appeal Service

During the appeal, it is the taxpayer’s responsibility to disprove a case put forward by HMRC and not for HMRC to prove their case. However, do not feel apprehensive or feel intimidated by the tribunal process. It is there as an opportunity for you to show why you feel the decision is wrong. You have a right to appeal the HMRC decision and the tax tribunal allows you to do this.

However, even though the hearings are an informal affair it is vital that you are always mindful that this is a real court. The specialists acting on behalf of the HMRC could be formally trained and qualified legal advocates. HMRC representatives will have experience in these types of proceedings and be more familiar with the process.

If you are representing yourself it is essential that you are able to present your case fully. Therefore good preparation is vital, as well as being capable of dealing with any changing circumstances as the HMRC present any evidence that they have.

Advice On HMRC Penalty Appeal Process

The Tribunal Appeal system can feel very daunting but you do not have to face this alone. Here at MS Taxes, we have specialist advisors who are able to give help and advice on HMRC penalty appeals. Our team can guide you through what happens at a tax tribunal. With our tips on HMRC hearings and guides to the HMRC appeal process, you can be more prepared and know what you are dealing with.

We can also handle your case on your behalf, taking the stress away from you. At MS Taxes, if we deal with everything from the start of a tax investigation stage then it would be unlikely that the case would get to tribunal. We would ensure that an agreement with yourselves and HMRC is reached with regards to penalties and tax due. Any agreement is worked through so that you are happy with the outcome and the HMRC is satisfied.

Our tax appeal experts will guide you through everything so you are fully aware throughout the whole process. If you have received a tax penalty and don’t know what to do next, we can help. If you are wondering what to do if the HMRC decision is wrong, our experts can take you through the next steps.

If you disagree with a tax decision, you have the right to appeal against a penalty. Our tax investigation specialists have extensive experience in dealing with the HMRC appeal process. If you have received a tax return fine and want to appeal, our team can handle the whole thing for you.

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